Noun: Nucleus; plural noun nuclei, the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group forming the basis for its activity and growth.

A restaurant within our development kitchen

Nucleus is our development kitchen created in 2009 and totally redesigned in 2015.

The initial idea came from Sat and head chef John Freeman who wanted a space away from the hustle and bustle of the main kitchens where they could think/create/taste/develop.

What they look for is the structure/viability/compatibility of these dishes on a busy service with one goal: it has to be delicious.

This concept is not new by any means. What Sat and John wanted was something slightly different, so they decided to open it to the public. This allows guests to taste dishes being put through their paces before they make it to the main menu – and some won’t. 

Working on new ideas and dishes in collaboration with the team is what Sat and John believe brings the team together.

All front of house is designed by Amanda, with comfort the priority: the aim is to maintain the restaurant feel even though you’re sitting in a professional kitchen.

We can seat up to three tables of two at lunch and four to six for dinner.

Not suitable for guests who may have food intolerances, allergies or preferences.


Seven-course tasting menu for lunch
priced at 95 pounds per person

Ten-course tasting menu
priced at 135 pounds per person

Over-16s only due to health and safety considerations.

Cancelation policy


floor plan