The ‘C’ Word Voucher

No! Not that C word!

We have created this new Voucher to concentrate on the letter C.

In the last few weeks we have heard such negatives such as....

We want to remember....

All the words we are Craving in this Chaotic time.

So to help support our Amazing team and The Restaurant we have built over 20 years we are offering a limited period Voucher, we will offer a 10% gift to any purchases over the period we are not operating as a normal Restaurant with rooms and we will extend the expiry period to 18 month instead of 12, so you can come and join us at your convenience.

Please use the discount code THECWORD when purchasing.

Thank you.

Please be safe and kind to one another and we will see you all on the other side.
Sat, Amanda and the whole team at RSB x

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