Sample Lunch Menu

95 pounds 7 course
110 pounds 10 courses

This dish was first introduced as
NG7 2SA which is our postcode!
Turning the idea of the unorthodox location on it’s head
and making it into something delicious plays a great initial start to your menu.

Smoked eel
chicken Veloute

Roast Veal sweetbread
Madras curry hollandaise
celeriac/aged garlic

Baked potato from the wood fire
cream cheese/chives
Rossini Baerii caviar


‘Sherwood Forest’
A dish inspired by the famous local Forest
warm venison tartare
pine spruce/smoked red oak
mushroom gel/cocoa/cepe

Salt baked turnip
dashi infused with bernaise flavours
2013 vintage parmesan cream

Partridge ‘Hopton Shoot’
artichoke teriyaki
stir fried roots/truffle


Monkfish and oxtail ‘Bourguignon’
black pepper cabbage
white truffle coleslaw
Madeira sauce

‘The Crossover’
*this dish was introduced to take you from savoury to sweet
tomato jammy dodger
carrot dib-dab

‘Lenton Lane’
inspired by the dessert Rocky Road


*this dish was created after studying Freytag’s Pyramid and wanting to create drama
to the final part of the meal as one would have in a play, or film, leaving the guest with an unexpected
ending, in essence a plot twist!

*Sample menu

A discretionary 12.5% gratuity
will be added to your final bill



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