• The R(evolution)

  • Following this incredible long period of closure, necessary to keep us safe, we can at last see the light.

    Once restrictions have lifted providing we all play by the rules we’re very excited to reopen and can’t wait to see you all eating/drinking and staying with us.

    We have implemented some new measures to allow us to continue to grow as a creative and proactive Business.

    We have taken the best parts of what lockdown and the curfew has taught us over the last year and have evolved our working methods.

    From July 2021 the last table bookings will be 7.00pm Wednesday to Friday.

    Saturdays we will open all day from 12 noon to 7.45pm.

    A benefit of the enforced Curfew was an earlier finish time, a huge plus for Hospitality.

    We already operate a 4 day week and this will enhance working conditions furthermore. 

    What’s more important than ever now is, health and wellbeing for us, our team and our guests.

    The aim to give back, valuable time for family and recuperation.

    Our guests get to dine at an earlier time, a proven healthier way to eat. (Very few people want to eat their mains at 11.30pm)! The latest was 12.45am! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    Thank you for your continued support. The Diary is now open until the end of 2021 so please feel free to book online. 

    Stay safe/Stay strong and see you all soon 🦾

    Sat, Amanda and the Team @restaurant_sat_bains x

    📷 credit @thedaajb ♥️

    • If you would like to rebook with us –

    • Simply make a new reservation online. Within the notes on your new booking pop in the reservation number and/or booking date of your now cancelled slot.

    • Please take your time (take a breath!) and ensure you choose the right option for you -

    • 1. Stay and dine
    • If you would like to stay and dine with us, please click here to book. When booking a room you are guaranteed a table to dine with us during your stay; you will be prompted to reserve a table as part of the room booking process. Learn more about our rooms here.

    • 2. Book a table
    • If you would simply like to book a table, please click here and follow the instructions, checking and agreeing to our terms before proceeding.
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