The Urban Garden

After many years looking to improve the standard of the live produce coming into the kitchen, we decided to work with one of the UK’s best growers, Ken Holland and Jo Gradwell (Head Gardener). Together we’ve created an urban garden producing around 40% of our plants/salads and herbs, supplying us with a diverse base for our dishes.

I’m not going to lie and make up some romantic story about us growing all our own herbs and vegetables,  foraging all day, and visiting farms where we know all the animals’ names: we don’t.

We use some of the best producers in the UK to provide us with incredible foods so that we can in turn make the innovative, exciting and delicious dishes that make up our tasting menus. We support these artisans, allowing them to continue in their field of expertise and allowing us to do our job better by staying focused and in the kitchen. It’s a win/win solution that is very realistic.

Sat Bains

February 2016

floor plan