Latest news and availability………


Congratulations Team RSB for being brilliant day in day out and retaining our 2 Michelin stars for our 7th year.
We look forward to another exciting and Creative year. #dreamteam2018 #workingclass2

Christmas Break…
We will be open up to and including Saturday 23rd December.. reopening on Wednesday 17th January 2018…

Latest limited availability update for coming days and weeks….
Please call 0115 9866 566 to book in office hours.
Wednesday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm

Saturday 16th December
Wednesday 20th December
Friday 22nd December

Midweek Dinner..
Thursday 14th December
Wednesday 20th December
Thursday 18th January

Midweek Room & Dinner..
Wednesday 13th December
Thursday 21st December
Wednesday 17th January

Weekend Dinner..
Friday 15th December
Friday 22nd December
Saturday 20th January

Weekend Room & Dinner..
Saturday 16th December
Friday 19th January
Friday 26th January

Please call 0115 9866 566 to book..

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